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The Compliance Committee of GAFTI is focused on establishing efficient production facilities whereby proactive improvements are made in the area of employee safety and health as well as global sustainability. We are hopeful to bring a consistent platform of auditor and factory training, certification and ultimately more sharing of passed audits in an effort to save money, but more importantly improve the overall conditions of our global factory base. We are really driving to create a common audit platform whereby we can reduce the number of audits we must do.

- Bangladesh Sharing Database
   Information from Peter Burrows of FFC for Bangladesh Sharing Database.pdf

- Labor Link System
  Presentation from Heather Franzese for Labor Link China(1).pdf

- ARTS bog data solution for supplier compliance audits
Presentation from Peter Burrows of FFC.pdf

- Compliance Group Bumper Sticker - A roadmap will be developed to showing the way towards to the end picture
  Bumper Sticker.pdf